Laptop service in chennai repair all kind of laptops mother boards and replace new mother boards in chennai. A motherboard is that the main computer circuit board found in computers and other technological systems. This board controls all aspects of your personal computer or laptop computer. Of all of the hardware that’s housed in your laptop computer, the motherboard is usually the most expensive piece, and also the most fragile. On top of being in control of your laptop, the motherboard also contains important data that keeps your laptop running smoothly. Our well experienced motherboard repair engineers will quickly determine and resolve of these board level problems.

Our skilled and honest technicians provides laptop Motherboard Repair service on time. Service Techies are regarding getting you back to full speed with a properly functioning laptop. There’s no need to pay high costs for new laptop where the solution is here in our hand. Obtaining your motherboard repaired is our priority. Look no any we’ll assist you providing you with a free diagnostic and a free estimate for repair your laptop motherboard

Symptoms of a faulty laptop motherboard include:

  • Distorted graphics causing lines or blurred colour laptop powering up, but not booting to windows
  • No display to laptop screen or external monitor
  • Laptop shuts down randomly
  • Laptop overheats
  • WiFi not working

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